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Car Accident Claims In Arizona

It goes without saying that a serious car accident in Arizona might mean you wind up taking time off from work, and possibly even a leave of absence. Not only do you have to put up with substantial property damages, but there might be rental car costs and seemingly infinite piles of medical bills. The pursuit of any accident claim is, by far and away, the greatest path to giving yourself protection against personal financial devastation.

Filing car accident claims in Arizona

Before you file a claim, do know that Arizona has a statute of limitations for car accident claims which depends on the actual nature of the accident. If the accident is considered standard, then you get as much as two years from the accident date to file the claim. If the driver was uninsured or underinsured, then the statute of limitations goes up to three years.

In any situation where the other car accident driver is actually a public official, then there are shorter statutes of limitations, often half a year for filing paperwork, and only a full year for the actual lawsuit.

Car accident compensation in Arizona

If the road accident you were involved in was another person’s fault, then you’re often entitled to damages or compensation. This is based on a rule known as “Comparative negligence.” That’s how the state of Arizona usually awards compensation in cases of property damage or personal injury. It’s so that you can get reimbursement for any lost wages, incurred auto rental charges, pain and/or suffering, associated medical bills from injury treatment, future treatment costs, and of course property damage. On top of that, you’re also often able to recover and directly attributable costs like towing, accident storage, and others.

Insurance companies are still businesses, and so they are after profits above all else. That means that many give victims of car accidents insufficient compensation. They pay out bare minimums or even just partial damages that a claim might outline. When you work with a seasoned car accident attorney or lawyer who handles car accident compensation that understands and knows the tactics that insurance providers use, you boost your odds of getting appropriate compensation.

Car accident settlements in Arizona

Even though lawsuits are often necessary in recovering any compensation you might need following an accident, the involved parties can choose to settle. Put simply, a settlement is an informal resolution to the case involving a mutually-acceptable remedy which drops any pending lawsuit. In the majority of cases, involved parties are able to settle with an insurance company without needing the actual trial process.

Given that all cases are unique, the involved parties, as well as their attorneys or lawyers, might consider a number of factors in calculating a possible settlement proposal, which might include but is certainly not limited to:

*Car repair costs

*Future or past medical bills

*Lost wages for missed time at work

*Pain and/or suffering

*Insurance coverage: The minimum coverage requirements for car insurance for Arizona drivers include $15,000 bodily injury liability per person. If multiple people sustain injuries, then accident liability is $30,000. If the accident causes any property damage, then the minimum liability for property damage is $10,000.

If you need someone to represent you and fight for rightfully deserved damages and compensation, then contact a veteran car accident attorney or lawyer in Arizona as quickly as you are able.

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