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Why Did My Child Contract Group B Strep Infection?

During a woman’s pregnancy, she will be tested for a wide variety of infections and diseases that she could pass to her unborn child during delivery. Group B Strep(GBS) is an infection that is present in the rectum, vagina or both. About 25 to 40 percent of woman are affected by this infection. Why woman contract this infection is unknown. It is not contracted sexually and doctors are still confused as to how a woman will get this infection because she never displays any symptoms of it.

Typically, a woman will be tested for GBS between 35 to 37 weeks during her pregnancy. The doctor will get a swab sample of the area and send it off for testing. If the test comes back positive, the doctor will usually prescribe the woman antibiotics that will not affect her pregnancy. Along with antibiotics, the woman might also receive antibiotics through an IV during her delivery to reduce the chances of the infant contracting GBS.

It is very important that a doctor screens a woman for GBS even though not every infant that is infected with GBS will experience side effects. By screening the pregnant mother, it will reduce the possibility of the baby contracting GBS.   When a physician does not screen or treat a woman with GBS, the infant is more prone to catch this infection. This is considered a form of medical malpractice because it is a test that must be administered during a woman’s pregnancy. An infant can develop a few dangers from GBS infection which is something that the firm located in Tampa has seen and dealt with through their time in practice.

How Can GBS Affect an Infant?

An infant can develop different health problems if they are exposed to the Group B Strep. An infant can develop the following from GBS:

Sepsis: This is a life-threatening condition. Sepsis develops from the body’s response to fight off the infection. The body’s immune system overloads and instead harms the body.

Pneumonia: This condition can be life-threatening to infants. The air sacs of the lungs are affected on either side or both which can fill up with fluid.

Meningitis: Although rare, this condition could also be life-threatening to infants. The spinal cord and brain’s membranes inflame.

Stillborn Death: This means that the baby is born dead.

All of these medical conditions are life-threatening for an infant. A physician needs to immediately treat a woman once they have tested positive for GBS.

Did Your Infant Get Infected by GBS?

Sometimes, contracting GBS is unavoidable. Other times, contracting GBS could have been avoided had the physician screened the mother and treated the mother accordingly. If a mother suspects that the contraction of GBS could have been prevented if it weren’t for a medical professional’s negligence, she should take action and fight for her child’s rights. The lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm in Tampa can help her do that.

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