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How To Get The Right Settlement For Your Auto Accident Claim?

In order to get a reasonable settlement for your injuries after an auto accident, there are a few basic tips that should be kept in mind. Some of the obvious ones are listed below:

The crash should be documented

The plaintiff should have photographs of the accident site. These photographs should include the damaged vehicle of the plaintiff and that of the other driver. The eye witnesses of the accident should be asked to give their statements or the plaintiff should have their contact numbers. The plaintiff should have in possession a complete report file of the accident and including every little detail. All of this information would help defend the validity of the claim.

Seek treatment immediately

If you do not go to a doctor for medical treatment and do not follow the prescribed appointments, it can be considered an indicator of non-significant injuries. Someone who gets severely injured is sure to seek medical treatment. It is important to get checked at the hospital following an accident or there may arise a possibility that the insurance adjuster uses this against you.

Get accurate information about your symptoms

The plaintiff should communicate all the symptoms he or she is experiencing clearly with the medical provider. This ensures that the medical records of the plaintiff are not ambiguous about the severity of the injuries. Complete knowledge about the severity of your injuries fortifies the case and helps increase the value of the claim at the time of negotiations of settlement. The negotiation process requires a demand letter that must include all the medical records, bills etc. This demand letter should be sent to the insurance company by the Personal Injury Lawyer. The clearer the symptoms and the injuries of the plaintiff, the stronger your case will be.

Avoid talking to an insurance adjuster after the accident

The insurance adjuster of the defendant party usually calls the plaintiff daily after the crash. The calls are made to check on you and make sure that you are doing alright. If you reply to their compassionate questions as you are fine, you unknowingly undermine the severity of the injuries you suffered. It should be kept in mind that all conversations with the insurance adjuster are recorded. Your statements regarding your health can be used as references during negotiations concerning the value of your claim. For this reason, the conversations with the adjuster should be avoided until the severity and consequences of the accident are fully known. Some of your statements can even be used against you.

Try to be firm and realistic but nice at the same time when talking with the insurance adjusters. Being rude with the adjusters won’t go in your favor, although it is their job to make you receive lesser than what you are entitled to. To handle the negotiations and get what you deserve, you should be well-mannered, but this does not mean that you should let your legal money walk away from you.

Sometimes, it gets difficult for the plaintiff to be realistic. They don’t understand the facts that their previous records can have a massive impact on the claim they have filed for.

Settling a claim without an experienced attorney is difficult. If you really need to do this, it’s necessary that you have knowledge about handling these cases. However, consulting an attorney should always be preferred. If you live in California, contacting a San Bernardino personal injury law firm can be of assistance.

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