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A Guide For The Bicycle Accident Victims

If someone hits by the car while riding the bike, then he/she can go to court for the legal case to cover the losses suffered due to the crash. Most cyclists hesitate whether the injuries or case are serious enough for the attorney to help them. And many wonders if the case would be too expensive. It is hard to know that the case is serious enough to pursue or not without knowing what to expect.

What is Covered in Bicycle Accidents Settlements

The money received in the bicycle accident settlement is the coverage for the damages. This is the cost paid due to the losses and damages suffered in the crash. The damages incurred in bicycle accidents are of two types: economic and non-economic. Economic damages include medical bills missed out work wages due to the injuries. Non-economic damages are a bit more complicated. As it is easy to the lost money by not being appearing at the workplace, but the fear that victim feels every time when gets on the bike. Such accidents also cause a lack of independence as a result of injuries that stops the victim doing normal household chores and/or activities. Such losses are harder to quantify.

Determine the Bike Accident Settlements

Figuring out the damages includes the financial as well as the emotional losses. These can only be determined by a trained lawyer who can help the client. Most of the people misjudge the value of the damages and don’t calculate the significant cost which can be extremely valuable to have the experienced attorney helping the victim to get everything he/she owed.

When pursuing the bicycle accident settlement, the first thing and most important one is that the claimant and victim do is to collect the evidence. Evidence supports the claims for which the settlement amounts are asked for and also the extent to which the claimant was at fault versus the driver for the accident.

Some evidence is fairly forthright to collect, such as repair bills, medical bills, receipt of the prepaid plans that could not attend like vacations or concerts, lost wages record, and more. However, the other evidence will be valuable as well, especially in determining the non-economic damages. Another piece of evidence is that the victim should keep the post-crash diary. Everything a victim experience or remember from the accident, he/she should record soon after the crash happens. The more the details better will be the case as anything can be important in determining the success of the case.

In addition to the written record that is created which highlight on which party was at fault to what extent, this becomes also important by documenting how the life changed by the accident. The victim can write about how he/she feel. Like, feel anxious, stressed or afraid. Worries about the future, like how to support the family, or will ever feel comfortable to ride the bike again? These things should be noted down as they provide the basis for the victim to figure out non-economic damages a victim need to seek the compensation. Get in touch with bicycle accident attorney chino hills ca to discuss the case and to pursue the bicycle accident settlement.

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