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Houston Musician Struck In Head-On Collision In Austin

A two-car crash in Austin sent a famous Houston-based rapper to the Emergency Room on November 24, 2018.

ABC-13 reports this crash happened near Austin’s Nutty Brown Amphitheater. As rapper Paul Wall’s van was pulling into the theater, a truck driver allegedly disregarded a stop light and struck the van head-on.

First-responders rushed Wall to a local hospital with serious injuries. Doctors believe, however, that Wall will survive his injuries. The five other passengers in the van sustained only minor injuries.

Austin police are still investigating the cause of this crash. According to Auto Injury Rhino, head on collisions are the deadliest type of crash you can be in.

Sad Statistics On Running Red Lights In America

Unfortunately, running red lights isn’t uncommon in the USA. Analysts at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have found that about 800 people die and another 137,000 are injured in crashes involving at least one driver who runs a red light.

IIHS reports these types of crashes are far more common in highly industrialized areas versus the countryside. Indeed, just under 25 percent of all crashes in urban environments involved speeding through red lights or stop signs.

To combat this public safety threat, many cities have now installed cameras on top of traffic lights. These red light cameras are capable of taking pictures of motorists who speed through a red light. Most often law enforcement sends a fine to the driver involved in this crash via mail.

To see if there are any red light cameras in your area, be sure to check out the map on this website.

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