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Major Of Car Accident Injuries

One of the leading cause of injuries in car accidents. Getting into an auto accident can result in various unwanted consequences, which include loss of earnings, permanent injuries, etc. An average of 5 million car accidents are reported every year in the U.S. Out of these, over 2 million involve different types of injuries, and other 30,000 are fatal accident cases. The damage these accidents leave behind can be huge. The estimated economic cost of the car accidents each year is to be $277 billion or about $897 for every U.S. resident. While the auto accident damages may vary from crash to crash and person to person, but there are few which are common:

Back and Head Injuries

Head injury is the most serious injury case in car accident injuries. The heads of seated passengers and drivers involved in collisions can strike against the steering wheels, windows, and dashboards due to high-speed. This collision results in traumatic brain injuries comas, lasting cognitive problems, and concussion. Often a long-term medical care and treatment are required for these kinds of injuries. Such head injuries may also result in skull fractures, vision problems, and hearing loss.

Back injuries are also amongst the serious car accident injuries. Nerves may damage significantly due to any injury or harm to the spinal cord. Patients suffer from the reduced sensation of their, hands, arms, feet, legs, and other body parts. In serious cases of spinal damage, the patient left permanently paralyzed. A herniated disk is also a common car accident injury. This is less severe compared to head injuries or spinal damage, but it still causes problems like a leg or arm pain, muscle weakness, and tingling sensation.

Neck and Chest Injuries

Whiplash is the most well-known injury in car accident cases. A sudden movement of the neck and head e.g. due to collision may cause serious ligament and neck muscle damage. Whiplash injuries depend on the accident and person’s health involved in it. It may also vary from person to person. Swelling and neck pain is fairly common. Some patients suffer a temporary vocal cord paralysis after the accident.

Many trauma-related injuries occur which affects the chest area. Blunt force trauma due to the car accidents can lead to collapsed lungs and broken ribs. People with heart-related problems may possibly go into the traumatic cardiac arrest. One immediate problem is internal bleeding in chest area after accident happen. Damage to the abdomen, the pelvis, and internal organs can occur also. All these injuries need an immediate medical treatment.

Other Injuries

Injuries to the legs, feet, arms, and hands are fairly common. But additionally, foot and leg damages are seen in the accidents in which pedestrians are involved. More numerous and serious injuries are suffered by the motorcyclist involved in the car accidents. These injuries include ligament damage, severed limbs, and broken bones. The rate of fatality is also high for the motorcyclist than the passengers and drivers in cars.

How to recover Car injury Damages

In case of car accident injuries, consider consulting an auto accident lawyer who will evaluate the case and assist in covering the expenses. Seeking a legal advice is important and it should be done as soon as possible.

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