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How Pay Per Click Maximize Your Leads

The biggest mistake that attorneys make is buying the keywords and neglecting the search engine optimization when managing the internet marketing campaign. Options in pay per click include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Microsoft adCenter (MSN)
  • Yahoo search marketing
  • Facebook PPC advertising

Google AdSense and AdWords also provide cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-click (CPC). These are the advertising that appears as an image or text ads on the third-party sites. Other than these pay-per-click sites, to advertise the services online, law firms use the services of design consultants to launch different ‘affiliate programs’. As people have starts to rely more on the internet search engines to seek the lawyer and the law firms have increased their financial plan regarding internet marketing, the average CPC (cost-per-click) of legal terms has extremely risen over last five years.

To leverage the marketing budget of the law firm the best way is to target more precise niche law areas that offer more profitable kind of cases for the law firm. The benefit of the PPC campaign for marketing law firm includes testing out the new marketing strategy for the specific niche field in the field of law. But for the long-term strategy, the betterment of content on the website and focus on SEO provides a long-lasting and better return on the investment.

Using Trophy Terms

Using a trophy term for every search, many clients use longer search phrases. The ideal client might not consider long phrases when starting their search for the employer. With more informative content on the website, long-tail searches will be captured and dominated.

How Lawyer PPC help Clients to Avoid PPC Fraud

At lawyer PPC, we help our clients to avoid PPC curiosity and fraud in two ways:

  • First, our team makes sure that clients target the specific niche areas and avoid the costly trophy terms. Our creative team enables the law firms to not do the same tactics done by everyone else and target the ideal clients. While the lawyers that click on each other’s ad our clients use keywords which are never considered. Similarly, service people and salespeople can be bypass who look for easy targets (lawyers ready to pay for the misguided PPC campaign).
  • Secondly, lawyer PPC fight actually with the PPC company like Yahoo! Sponsored search, Google AdWords or Facebook PPC advertising) for the refunds for each case of fraud that our team finds. For instance, our clients have Google Analytics through which they can determine the number of clicks on pay-per-click law firm ads from the same IP address. For duplicate clicks from the same IP address, the lawyer we are working with is entitled to the refund.

Organic Ranking versus Pay Per Click

Organic ranking is described as the performance of websites on the search engines when the potential client clicks on the ad through a page on the law firm’s website. Such clicks don’t cost one penny per click. On contrary to it, law firms have to bid for certain keywords for the pay-per-click ads. With pay per click attorney advertising, our clients buy the ad on the search engine and each time the ad is clicked by the viewer, the firm pays for it. Domination of organic listing is driving the ideal clients to the particular interior pages on the firm’s website that directly deals with the specific niche topics based on the search term of a viewer.

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