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Pharmacist Medical Malpractice

Like any other medical professional, a pharmacist is required to uphold the appropriate standard of care. They must reduce the chances of unreasonable harm to their patients by acting reasonably. Negligence caused by a pharmacist can have devastating results for a patient because they deal with the medication that is prescribed for their specific condition or injury. When a prescription is not properly administered, when the dosage is not adjusted, or when the pharmacist fails to recognize a potentially lethal drug combination, they can be held liable for these errors.

The pharmacist medical malpractice lawyers in Orlando specialize in medication errors that have led to a patient’s injury. The medical professionals have to be held accountable for their actions. Medication errors are the leading cause of injuries and deaths within the medical world. No victim should allow a pharmacist to get away with the mistake they have committed.

What Medication Errors Tend to Occur the Most?

When a pharmacist does not dispense medication accordingly, they can be held liable for failing to do so. Some common medication errors include:

Incorrect dosage amount: Overdosing on a medication can be lethal, but so can a low-dose of a medication. When a person is not prescribed the correct dosage amount for their condition, they might not recover from it. A pharmacist has to ensure that the right dosage has been prescribed for the patient’s medical condition.

Incorrect medication: Dispensing the incorrect medication to a patient can seriously harm a person. The pharmacist has to verify that the prescribed medication is for the patient obtaining the drug.

Dangerous combinations: There are some drugs that cannot be used together. These drugs can create injuries and potentially be the cause of a patient’s death. Usually, a pharmacist will have to research whether a person’s prescribed drugs are dangerous when consumed together. If they fail to detect a dangerous combination, they will be responsible for the resulting injuries.

Statistics Concerning Pharmaceutical Medication

  • There are about 4 billion prescriptions every year
  • There are currently about 240,000 pharmacists active in the United States
  • 7,000 people die every year in hospitals from medication errors
  • The FDA reports that more than 1.3 million people suffer an injury as a result of a medication error

Holding Pharmacists Accountable for Malpractice in Orlando

Pharmacists have a very important job in making sure every detail of medication administration is properly done. They need to make sure that the correct patient is receiving the drug, that the correct dosage has been given, and that there are no dangerous combinations with the drugs that have been given to the patient. The attorneys at Percy Martinez Law Office have proudly represented victims of medication errors and continue to fight for their rights.

A victim who has suffered an injury due to a negligence deserves to be compensated. The pharmacist needs to be made aware of their mistakes so that they do not commit it again. The firm provides free consultation and evaluates the victim’s case to determine every option that they have available.

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