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What is the Role of Insurance Companies?

A person who is a victim of someone who was not covered by insurance must consult with a lawyer. Many times, people protect their own insurance company and say they had no insurance coverage when they really did. They will often say that a different person owned the vehicle and that the person didn’t have insurance.

In this case, perhaps, the person driving has insurance, but the vehicle he was driving when he caused the crash didn’t have insurance. Therefore, the person needs to pursue the driver and his personal insurance.

If no insurance on the responsible party exists, then hopefully the victim has uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage with his carrier. These days, especially in a city like Houston, everyone must have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Unfortunately, a high percentage of the population drives around the city without liability insurance, which is required by law.

Unfortunately, many people are victims of auto wrecks involving stolen vehicles in Houston, Texas on a daily basis. In this situation, the uninsured motorist coverage helps, but the person still needs a lawyer to handle everything.

What Should A Person Do If An Insurance Company Calls Him?

If the person has already contacted a lawyer or retained the services of a lawyer, he must be very wary of insurance adjusters or insurance companies. More than likely, the insurance company already knows that the person has a lawyer. Therefore, they cannot be calling the person to try to help him.

I always advise my clients not to speak to insurance companies once they have hired a lawyer. Many times, insurance companies try to discourage people from hiring lawyers. After all, when the lawyer is involved, it costs the insurance company an appropriate amount of money during personal injury cases.

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