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What Difficulties Can Come From A C-Section?

Many women already have a birth plan in mind before giving birth. Many women plan an at-home birthing experiencing, while others already know which hospital they want to give birth in. Unfortunately, not every mother has an opportunity to experience the birth plan that they had in mind. Many women might require a C-section in order to deliver their baby. Having a C-section can be due to various reasons.

Some complications surface that can restrict a woman from having a vaginal birth because it would be too risky for the infant and mother’s health. Some complications may already surface during a woman’s pregnancy and other complications may arise at the moment of labor and delivery. These complications can lead to an emergency C-section which would be the safest way in delivering the child without causing further harm.

The Best Miami birth medical malpractice lawyers aim to have all their clients understand the options that are available to them if they have suffered an injury during a cesarean section delivery. Some of these injuries can be the result of a medical professionals lack of care and negligence. It is a physician duty to recognize the signs when a C-section is necessary and perform the C-section in a reasonable manner.

What Are Some Elements that Increase the Chances of a Woman Having to Undergo A C-Section?

The following risks can sometimes be what leads to a woman having to undergo a cesarean:

  • The baby is in breech position
  • The baby is undergoing fetal distress
  • The baby is larger than normal(Macrosomia)
  • The mother is experienced a prolonged labor
  • The baby has the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck
  • The mother has preeclampsia

What Complications Can Come From A C-Section?

Any woman undergoing a c-section should understand the complications that can come from that procedure. If complications do occur during the operation, both the mother and infant can be in a dangerous situation. Many times, these complications are caused because a medical professional lacked the proper care that they should have provided to their patient. These are the following complications that can occur to the mother and infant:

  • Infections
  • Injury to another organ
  • Leaving surgical instrument inside mother
  • Improper use of vacuum
  • Anesthesia reactions
  • Excess scar tissue
  • Blood clots
  • And more

A mother needs to be informed of the risks that can arise from a cesarean section. When these complications surface and could have been prevented, the medical professional could be held liable for the injuries they caused.

Birth Mistakes During C-Section Attorneys

Any error by a medical professional that results in a woman’s or infants injury during a cesarean section should be held responsible for their actions. A physician should know when a C-section is required and when they perform one, they must do so with care. The lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm fight to reach a favorable resolution for their clients. Cesarean sections should not be more frightening than they might already be.

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